"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

Mahatma Gandhi

When you face or see problems, life gives you a chance to develop creative ideas to overcome those situations. So don’t give up, when problem arises, it is an opportunity to create and develop new ideas and initiatives.

Dr Jitendra Kumar Soni (IAS)

During my college days, one of my friend approached me for blood donation for his hospitalized mother struggling for life, I immediately rushed to hospital for blood donation to save precious life of my friend’s mother. It was my first experience of blood donation and I immediately realized that when somebody is in severe need of blood for his near and dear one, he is ready to do anything but unfortunately neither blood can be produced artificially nor managed through other means, it is only arranged when somebody donate it.

Above incident changed my perception and strongly inspired me to become regular blood donor. Now I not only keep track record of blood donation to provide it in need, but also as an public servant, I try to donate my blood on Independence Day, Labour Day etc. to motivate others. Being in public service, I realized that more systematic, sincere and dedicated efforts are required to ensure immediate availability of blood irrespective of time & location, and I think technology can play very important role in this direction. Initially we started at small level by creating social media group of rare blood group “O Negative” donor but knowing the limitation of that medium, we are here with “Rakthkosh” app website and app for better impact and outcome. “RAKTHKOSH” has been developed as a social initiative to provide free public service to promote the voluntary blood donation without any commercial intent.

It could not be possible for me to work on this initiative without support of my team members Shri Jawahar Choudhary (RAS), Dr Vijay Vyas (Director – Moinee Foundation), Shri Ram Gopal Bishnoi (AAO) and Mr Kuldeep Arora.

“SAKSHAM SKILLS” has done tremendous work in conceptualizing, developing, launching and maintaining the “RAKTHKOSH” e-platform for Blood Donation. I am also thankful to JB GLOBAL IMPEX and Websquare Software Pvt. Ltd for their support in this social initiative.

Finally, I request everyone to join the “RAKTHKOSH” to become a part of this social initiative to promote voluntary blood donation.

Dr. Jitendra Kumar Soni (IAS)

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